NC Sand had it's first season in the summer of 2009. With profound interest,  girls sand volleyball has become the fastest growing NCAA sport in history.   Originally one of the only sand programs in the state, we are now in heavy competition with the best clubs in the country.  Our top girls and boys teams represented NC sand well at Gulf Shores on May 3, 2015. 


Created and maintained by the loving hearts of both girls and boys our program owes its success to the athletes.  Club Director Glenn Cashion, Co-Director Panechay Hunt, and the entire coaching staff are passionately dedicated to the development of our youth not only athletically, but as responsible adults.


This sport like many others allows opportunity for children to learn conflict resolution, teamwork, sportsmanship, and health.  Our club has taken the extra step and specifically designed practices, drills, and tournaments to grow each athletes ability to communicate to resolve conflict with minimal confrontation.  Beach Volleyball is a sophisticated sport full choices.  Non-contact and non-violent much like a very athletic game of chess.



NC Sand invites athletes of all levels and ages to visit us at a practice or tournament.  If you like the sport and you're willing to train, then we can coach you to the best of your ability.  We emphasize training our athletes in strategy, technique, attitude, proper nutrition/hydration, and to have fun! Each player will get a large number of reps and game play against all levels for the best experiences.


All ages have the opportunity to advance along all levels.  This allows for younger players to play against better, older competition.  

Here are a few highlights throughout the years

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Anna Messisco

Messisco is the first sand player to sign her letter of intent to play sand volleyball (UAB) in the state of North Carolina.