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Commonly asked questions about our club, season, tournaments, coaches, college recrtuiting and other details can be found here!

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How long is the sand season?


This depends on which program you are interested in. We have a summer and year-round program. The year-round program trains year-round both indoors and outdoors. The summer program begins March 22nd and will end July 31st. 

Practice days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Times: 6 pm-dark

How much does a season cost?


Season Fees:  

New players fee: $425

Returning sand player or new sand player but current NC Power player: $400

Returning sand player and current NC Power Player: $375

Sibling discount $75 if paid by April 2nd

How can we pay for this season? When do I need to send a check?


Everyone has access to set up a payment plan, but the first payment is due on the first day of practice. If you are interested in the scholarship option, then please email us in order to complete the process for consideration. (


Payment Options:

  • In person at first day of practice

    • Cash ​

    • check 

    • Credit card 

  • Mail in check

    • Make check out to: NC Sand Volleyball​

    • Address: PO Box 4678 Greensboro, NC 27404

  • Paypal

    • When paying through PayPal please choose the “sending to a friend” option otherwise PayPal will deduct a fee

  • Venmo

    • @Glenn-Cashion​

Do I have to have a partner to register?


No. We will help you find a partner! You may partner with a sibling, boy, or girl and age does not matter. During practices, you can change partners and play with some of the coaches in order to get different perspectives of your game.

What if my partner is older/younger than me?


You will practice together no matter the age difference. When you register for a tournament, you will register under the age of the partner that is the oldest. During practices, you can change partners and play with some of the coaches in order to get different perspectives of your game.

Why does the Registration Form ask for my Skill Level?


We do not limit our players by age for practices.


We have three skill divisions:

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


Each group will be composed of different age groups in order to assess what skill sets need to be adressed overall. Teams are not confined within one skill development group for the season. If you are your partner develop quickly throughout the season, then you will be moved to the next level in order for you to continue to learn and participate in more competitive play. This also can be reversed for those who might need to revisit more basic skills. 

Do I have to play in tournaments?


No. Some teams are not yet comfortable with jumping into tournament play. You schedule your own tournaments and have control over the intensity of your season for tournament play. Our coaches will help guide you throughout these processes and will accompany you to tournaments if requested. We do host 6 tournaments through our own club which many of our teams attend to get comfortable with the Sand world. 

Do we have Co-Ed Teams? Are Co-Ed teams allowed to play in our Tournaments?


YES and YES. We have Several Co-Ed and Boys teams within our club.


The tournaments that we host are all open to Co-Ed and boys teams. They will be pulled out of pool play for their own bracket play.

What is our age break for the Club? Tournaments?

We have a few adult teams that participate as coaches to help develop relations between different levels of play and to share a great deal of knowledge to all levels. Our practices do involve scrimmage play where our adult teams will play against our more advanced and year-round teams.


Our tournaments stop at 18U. Our adult teams travel for tournament play.

We are also excited to announce adult leagues that will be coming soon!

How far do our teams travel?

We have teams that travel all over the East Coast, stay closer to home, or travel to National tournaments across the country. It all depends on what level of play you would like to commit to. If you would like a coach to travel with you to a tournament, please email us or approach the coaches at any practice. (


What if I want to play Sand Volleyball in College?

Sand Volleyball is growing here and all along the East Coast. We can help you make connections to college coaches and guide you through the recruiting process for those who ask. Please email us or talk to Glenn Cashion,  or Mike Register,for more information.


Inclement Weather and our Procedures

If it is raining, we will PLAY.

Practice will be delayed or cancelled if there is thunderstorms or warnings for lightning. We will email the players/parents before practice to confirm the schedule. If inclement weather comes in during practice, then we will move all players and parents under the nearby shelter until the weather passes. If the weather persists, it is the coaches decision to call the rest of practice off or not.  Emails will be sent out and it will be posted on the website by 4 PM whether practice is cancelled.

What do I need to bring to practice?

ALWAYS bring a volleyball. You will practice with your volleyball during drills and scrimmages! We also recommend that you bring a towel, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, flip flops, water (WATER WATER WATER), a bag to carry your items, and a fun-loving competitive attitude! You can wear whatever is comfortable for practice. Most players wear sport shorts, basketball shorts, or spandex with a t-shirt. (Sometimes socks for the hot sand)

What happens if I miss a Practice?


If you miss practice, then please let one of the coaches know of your absence. You can email us at, or contact a coach directly in person. You will not be penalized for a missed practice. We understand that Summer Vacations and trips are planned during this time period and will interefere with your sand schedule. That being said, it is in your hands to work harder to make up for the time missed! 


What happens if I have a schedule conflict?


If you do have a schedule conflict, whether is it practice or tournament, please send us an email at We will work with you to make your schedule as manageable as possible. This also includes practice site. If the practice assigned to you is not agreeable with your schedule then please email us so that we can find a time and site that is more suitable. 


Where will I practice?


Below are our practice sites:


Bur-Mil Park

5834 Bur-Mil Club Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410


Your practice day will depend on your skill level. The specific days for each skill group will not be determined until after the evaluation period of the first two days. Click the NC Sand tab to get more details of the times, sites, and dates for the first two practices. 



Are there Try-Outs?


No. Unless you are trying out for the College Pursuit Program.

Once you register and pay, you are a part of NC Sand VBC. It is up to you whether or not you would like to stick with it. The first two days of practice are used as evaluation periods. During this period, we will help you find a partner if you need one and you will be assessed by all of the coaches to sort you into a skill division.


Is there an NC Sand Interest and FAQ Meeting?


Yes. The NC Sand interest meeting for the 2021 season in on February 28th at 4pm at Impact church. 

Address: 4705 N Church St. Greensboro, NC 27455


Why do players have to be USAV members?


All NC Sand members must be USAV members because of liability and insurance reasons.  If you are not already a member, please visit for more information to become a member.  In addition, tournaments on the Junior Beach Tour and well as the Carolina Junior Beach Tour require participants to be USAV members.


What is the refund policy?


If you email a cancellation 72 hours before the 8 a.m. start of the oncoming tournament, you are eligible for a full refund.

f you cancel 24 hours before the 8 a.m. start of the oncoming tournament, there is generally no refund. (Director's Discretion). This is due to the missed opportunity for other teams to play. 

If you cancel between 72 - 24 hours before the 8 a.m. start of the oncoming tournament, then you are only eligible for a refund if there is a team to replace the subsequent opening.



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