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Great Job Avery and Kaitlyn!


Kaitlyn Grube and Avery Scott finished first in an epic battle of strategy and will in Randleman, NC yesterday.  SandRulz hosted a fabulous event with great competition that provided our girls a tough day of play.  Our girls have trained extra hours this week, and it has really paid off.


After pool play, the two were seeded third for playoffs, which meant they would have to play an extra match in order to win.  The first match was a breeze for the purple topped defensive masters, even without Kaitlyn's deadly hammer of a hit.  


The semifinals showed some weaknesses in the team with Avery getting every serve, the fatigue and frustration was easy to see.  After a rollercoaster of a match, Grube and Scott brought back the fury, and thundered their superiority.  




First few points out of the gate and the dynamic duo were at it again, but wait...  mistakes?  Missed serves, shanked passes, and hits in the net drove the team to a time out.  The opponents had found a weakness in the seemingly unstoppable team, and were digging deep into the wound.  


Continuing to battle through mistakes, the first set comes to a close with both teams winded. By the second set Kaitlyn and Avery regained confidence and started strong by serving several aces.  Long rallies, impossible digs, and remarkable effort filled the walls of Sandrulz that evening, and this match was coming down to the last girl standing.


Sure enough, time out was called by the opponents for overheating.  Kaitlyn and Avery knew now who to serve, had enough confidence to finish, and were not going to let up.  The set ended swiftly with no pain felt.  There was laughter and smiles on both sides from the great day of competition. 



-Jared Williams

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